Tuesday, May 04, 2010


All female hip hop trio, kind of reminds me of the early Beastie Boys. These girls also remind me of Yo-Landi Vi$$er (the hot blond chick with a mullet from Die Antwoord.), especially Lil Frosty, she is sweet!

I wonder if this could be classified as nerdcore? Could Die Antwoord be nerdcore? You decide in the comments. :)

I predict this video goes viral, gets over a million views. I predict this while it has 726 views.

I love the look they have, it's like neo-new wave or something?

Wearing the underwear on the inside is hotter because of transparency reasons, something about being able to see what is usually hidden. No underwear would be cool like Lily Allen.

Thank you for checking out this You Tube video on this here music video blog, now go outside and get some fresh air. :)

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