Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beastie Boys - Lee Majors

This song is probably going to be on the new Beastie Boys album coming out soon. Funny thing is the Beastie Boys leaked this song themselves and tried to play it off as an old song from Check Your Head era. Some copies of the reissued Check Your Head four-LP collector's set came with a surprise bonus 7" that includes two seemingly new, previously unreleased tracks: The full-on and fuzzed out punk of "Lee Majors Come Again" and the playful a cappella "B Boys In The Cut." According to some sleuthing from Mic To Mic, the lyrics indicate that these are new: "In 'Lee Majors Come Again,' Yauch references Mix Master Mike and his 'sneeze guard.' Mix Master MIke was not their DJ during the CYH period, and he's only used the sneeze guard since 2006." Ch-check it out...this is a fan video, not an official Beastie Boys video.

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Anonymous said...

This song and video are off the hook!